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Celebrating Sister Gabriella at Project Quest Luncheon

Sister Gabriella receives award from Project Quest
Sister Gabriella receives award from Project Quest

On Wednesday, November 4, 2015, Project Quest held its annual Fundraising Luncheon. This year one of the honorees was our own Sister Gabriella Lohan. It was a beautiful event and many of our sisters were present along with hundreds of other guests. Gabriella’s family members, Carmel, Deirdre and John were also present. To tell the Quest story, they showed a video of many of the successful students whose lives have been changed by Project Quest.

In her acceptance of the award, Gabriella named many of the people who partnered with her and with Quest to bring about the success that it has achieved. Among other things, Gabriella said: “The mission of my Congregation, the Sisters of the Holy Spirit, is to be a prophetic voice for justice in a world of injustice and poverty. The purpose of Cops/Metro Alliance is to build sustainable political power through organized people. For me, both realities converged, enabling me to pursue my calling faithfully. Over the last 25 years, I have organized alongside many COPS/Metro leaders, and have partnered with religious, political, business, educational and other community leaders to make Project Quest an enduring and successful strategy that liberates thousands of our neighbors from poverty and gives them a chance to live a life of dignity and provide opportunity for their children.”

We want to thank and congratulate Gabriella for all she has done to make Project Quest the effective organization that it is today.

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