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“Whatever you do for the least…” (MT. 25:40)

Sister Carmelita Mulry
Sister Carmelita (left) and Sister Rosario (center)

Thirty-seven years ago a foresighted Holy Spirit Sister, Sister Rosario, witnessed abuse and neglect of God’s precious little ones as she ministered to the poor in Houma, LA. Gifted with a great visionary spirit, like our foundress, Mother Margaret, she responded to the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and launched into the unknown in order to respond to the needs of the area. Thus was born the Louis Crisis Center.

This endeavor flourished over the years with the aid of the Christian community, and many children were saved, educated and, above all, loved through this program. Sadly, Sister Rosario died very suddenly this year. May she rest in peace. Her ministry continues under the direction of Sister Carmelita Mulry who joined her two years ago. Sister Carmelita believes that challenge is always exciting and when placed in our path is always guided by God’s Spirit. She states: “Children come to us broken, battered, abused and very fragile. They are looking for a safe haven and for love and, in this place, they receive these in full measure.” Sister Carmelita tutors, consoles and comforts as much as possible along with dedicated caregivers and volunteers. All believe it is their privilege and joy to be able to minister to God’s precious children and to fulfill Jesus’ request: “Suffer the little children to come to Me.” To see the children leave the program more self-assured and confident is reward beyond measure.

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