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The Catholic Women’s Conference

Sister Marguerite and friend at the Catholic Women’s Conference

Sisters Marguerite Connors and Miriam Mitchell attended the CWC on Friday and  Saturday, July 28-29, at St. Mary’s University.  There were about 3,000 women in attendance from various parishes and dioceses throughout the State of Texas.  The vast majority of the attendees were married women so we focused on how we could encourage/support them in their vocation in life and asked them to pray for vocations to Religious Life.

It was truly a powerful experience meeting so many women who have so many painful struggles in their lives – dealing with struggling marriages, abuse, sickness, children involved in drugs and/or giving up their faith, etc..

We focused on two areas.  Using our beautiful Prayer Bowl, we invited women to write on papers we provided, requests for prayers – we promised to hold their requests in prayer.  The prayer bowl is placed in front of the altar in our Motherhouse chapel and Sisters pray for the intentions placed there, every day.  We also distributed suggestions for promoting strong Catholic Values in their families.

Catholic Women’s Conference at St. Mary’s University

Women expressed sincere gratitude for the opportunity to request prayers for their many intentions, to receive suggestions to help them in their struggles. But most of all, I believe they were grateful for the opportunity to have someone to listen compassionately to them as they shared their joys and their struggles.  And both Sister Marguerite and I were so blessed and enriched by the women we met.

Prepared by Sister Miriam Mitchell

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