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Being the Presence of Love

Sisters Loretta Armand, Geraldine Klein and Bernie Barrett at the LCWR Conference

This year the theme of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) Assembly in Orlando was  Being the Presence of Love: The Power of Transformation. Christopher Pramuk spoke about having hope in suffering.

He used the example of the African American spirituals. Jan Richardson spoke about dealing with grief. Both of the topics are appropriate for us during this time if we are to be the presence of Love to the people we meet daily. Many people are dealing with suffering and loss in their lives.

We also heard from four “younger” sisters. They shared their experiences in religious life at this time.  They were very hopeful about the future of religious.  The spoke about the need for collaboration among religious communities.  We need each other.

At LCWR assemblies we sit at tables where we share.  I really like this sharing.  At the beginning we know very little about each other.  We  probably have never met.  By the time we   leave we have learned  about struggles and achievements.  I feel proud to have met the sisters at my table.
–Sister Bernie Barrett, SHSp

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