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Visit to Sisters in Natchez

Mrs. Prather and Mrs. Jones prepare breakfast for the children.

I visited Sisters Louise and Dympna in Natchez, MS, October 15.  I live in Lake Providence, LA. The Sisters in Natchez are the nearest to me.  I enjoy visiting and relaxing with the them. They are very hospitable.

Holy Spirit Sisters have ministered in Natchez for almost 100 years.  We have been involved in education of the African American children.  Many of the people in the Catholic parish of Holy Family have been educated by the Sisters.  The Josephite priests take care of the Church. There is a friendly spirit among the people at Holy Family.  They  welcome everyone.

I took a few pictures in the cafeteria before I left early Monday morning. The cooks, Mrs. Prather and Mrs. Jones were preparing breakfast for the children  who attend the Holy Family Learning Center. One of the teachers, Ms. Clemens, arrived to supervise the children.  Sister Dympna greets the children as they arrive.

Children and teacher at Holy Family Center in Natchez

–Sister Bernie Barrett

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