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Seeking Canonization

An Invitation

We, the Sisters of the Holy Spirit and Mary Immaculate, would like to introduce you more deeply to our foundress, Mother Margaret Mary Healy-Murphy.

We are in the process of seeking her canonization and want to share her story more fully with you. We have studied her remarkable life, her unselfish and undying service to people in need and her extreme devotion to her faith. When Mother Margaret founded us in San Antonio, we were the first order of Sisters founded in the state of Texas. People who have read her story, or listened to the telling of her life’s work are inspired by her. In many ways her life is a story of survival, because she lived through yellow fever epidemics, hurricanes, the Mexican American War and the devastating Civil War. Believing she was called by God to do so, she began a work that took her into ministering with People of Color in a time when that was unpopular. Her Catholic faith, tenacity, quick wit and demeanor propelled her into action.

The Texas Historical Commission erected a plaque overlooking the bluff in Corpus Christi, commemorating Mother Margaret’s activities to that city, as well as San Antonio and the state. Her Husband’s plaque also stands next to hers in remembrance of his public service to the city and state.

If you would like to know more of Mother Margaret’s story, please see Our History.

The prayer card  is for you to use to ask Mother Margaret to intercede for some particular cause or concern you have. It may be an ill family member or friend, your own illness, a particular difficulty in your family that is causing major strained relationships, an addiction of a loved one. Whatever it is for which you need help from God, ask her to plead for you.

As indicated on the card, if you believe your cause has been answered, please contact us at our email address:

Thank you.

Sister Geraldine Klein
General Superior

Prayer Card


Margaret Mary Healy-Murphy, foundress of the sisters of the holy spirit and mary immaculate

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