Ordinarily, the way we carry out our mission is by participating in a ministry that helps us realize our mission in life.

What ministry or ministries do you participate in?

Do you participate in reaching out to others as part of the faith community, as a member of some service organization or as a private person of faith?


Our Congregation began in San Antonio in 1893 when our foundress, Mother Margaret Healy Murphy, was called to minister to neglected African American and Mexican people in San Antonio, Texas. The congregation was blessed with an influx of candidates from Ireland as well as members from the U.S. and Mexico. Soon the budding congregation had the numbers to expand its service to the poor in South Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Mississippi. Work along border towns eventually took the Sisters into Mexico in the early 1900s, and in the late 1980s the Sisters began ministry in Western Province of Zambia. (Mouseover the pins on the map below for an overview of our ministries.)

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Our Ministry in Mexico

Today we have Sisters working in three areas in the Diocese of Tepic. Work includes ministry to the poor and indigenous through the formation of catechists, preparation for the sacraments, health care, bioenergetics systems. The Sisters are also involved in prison ministry and provide alternative medicine ministry and training.

Our Ministry in the US

The Sisters of the Holy Spirit and Mary Immaculate were founded in the United States and began their earliest ministries with the underserved in Texas. Currently, the work of the Sisters includes classroom teaching and administration, religious education, pastoral ministry, social work and health care.

Our Ministry in Zambia

Our Sisters on the African continent minister in three areas of the Western Province of Zambia in the Diocese of Mongu: Limulunga, Mongu, and Namaushakende. In addition to Vocation Recruitment, conducting a Formation Program for Zambian Sisters, the Sisters teach in schools, provide spiritual direction and counseling services. They direct programs for orphans and the elderly, work in parish ministry, and carry out programs for installing water pumps, constructing traditional homes for the elderly, and more modern block homes for families.