Our Sisters in the US are engaged in a variety of ministries in Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi, following the founding impulse of Mother Margaret Mary Healy Murphy. We are chaplains in hospitals, prisons, and nursing homes. We are teachers and school administrators, catechists and parish ministers, community organizers, spiritual directors, and nurses. We work with the very young and the very old; children in crisis; women in prison; and hungry and homeless people.




Sister Marie Leonard

"Having served in Pastoral Care at Santa Rosa Medical Center for fourteen years, I retired in June 2008. I then applied for part-time ministry at Christus Santa Rosa City Center, which is only a short distance from the Motherhouse, where I reside.

Presently I am engaged in Pastoral Ministry on a twice-weekly basis. I also serve as Eucharistic Minister once a week and occasionally substitute for other chaplains. Pastoral Ministry entails making initial spiritual assessments, developing Pastoral Care plans for patients and families, and assisting patients in completing Advance Directives and Medical Power of Attorney forms. I also document all my work within a highly developed computer system. Most recently I have been providing pastoral care for post-partum Children’s Medical, for Adult Telemetry, for Adult Intensive Care, and for Adult Rehabilitation Services."