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Our Life in Community

As sisters consecrated in a special way to the Holy Spirit we recognize the importance of preserving a strong spirit of love and community among ourselves.

We pray together and live together in order to better carry out our apostolic mission.

We affirm the giftedness of each one and foster a climate where each can grow in God’s love.

…we provide for an atmosphere of prayer, for places of silence and privacy, and we foster a climate where each of us can be relaxed, open, trusting and self-aware.  We make every effort to preserve the unity which has the Spirit as its origin and peace as its binding force.  Constitutions #28

Sisters’ Reflections on Community

“Community is… being together in love for the purpose of seeking God and bringing about His Reign.”

“I felt supported in community when members of my family died.”

“I felt supported in community when I encountered challenging situations in ministry and was affirmed and supported by my sisters.”

“Community is where I came to know myself more deeply and to know God’s presence in others more lovingly.”

“Community is where ‘two or three are gathered in His Name.’”

“Community is where I grew in love with God and where healing of past hurts happened in my life.”

“Community is where I can relax and where I can express my hopes, joys and fears.”

“The most fun I ever had in community was playing games with the sisters when we had no TV.”


Sisters standing around piano listening to music as a community


Zambia Day in San Antonio Commnity

The family is our first community.  

How does your family prepare you for participation in other communities such as church, school and neighborhood?

St-Cecilia Convent working in a community garden

Sr Marguerite digging in the community garden


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