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Our ministries today

Our Congregation began in San Antonio in 1893 when our foundress, Mother Margaret Healy Murphy, was called to minister to the neglected African American and Mexican populations in San Antonio, Texas.  The young Congregation was blessed with an influx of candidates, especially from Ireland, which enabled it to survive in spite of prejudice and racism.

Soon the Congregation had the numbers to extend its services to the poor in South Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas and Oklahoma.  Work along the border eventually took the Sisters into Mexico in the early 1900s and in the late 1980s ministry began in Zambia, Africa

Currently the Sisters are engaged in a variety of ministries in Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi and in Zambia in Africa.

We try to follow the founding impulse of our foundress, Margaret Mary Healy Murphy so our ministries are directed primarily to people who are poor and marginalized.

We are chaplains in hospitals, prisons and nursing homes.  We are parish ministers, community organizers, spiritual directors and nurses.  We care for orphans and for children and youth at risk.  Presently, we are increasing our efforts to accompany some of the many immigrants arriving in our country who are fleeing their home countries seeking asylum and relief from poverty and persecution.

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