General Chapter 2015
Direction Statement

During our chapter proceedings we shared with each other the promptings of the Holy Spirit from our personal and communal prayer and sharing. We know that God has called us to continue the mission and charism of Mother Margaret and to be aware of, and responsive to the changing needs of our society and our church.

We committed ourselves to

  • continue to address matters of injustice and inequality in our society
  • be good stewards of our resources and all that is entrusted to our care
  • use our resources to empower people who are marginalized
  • evaluate all our ministries through the lens of social justice
  • continue to invite new membership to our congregation

We believe that as Sisters of the Holy Spirit we are called to develop a more contemplative lifestyle that will sustain us and compel us to become stronger prophetic witnesses for justice in our world today.

The family is the first community that we are all part of, and the responsibility of the family is to prepare us to be effective in all other communities we will later be a part of.

How has your primary community helped prepare you for other communities, i.e. church community, neighborhood community or organizations in which you participate?

Community Life

United in the Spirit of Love, we live together in community where we share our faith and our experience of Jesus.  We express mutual support, encouragement, and admonition to deepen our commitment to the Lord and grow in holiness and to carry out our apostolic mission.  Together we share a similar lifestyle, striving to live in simplicity, humility, and love.

Remembering our common call and mission, we try to have a profound respect for each other, and to affirm and promote the giftedness and destiny of each one.

We provide for an atmosphere of prayer, for places of silence and privacy, and we foster a climate where each of us can be relaxed, open, trusting and self-aware. We make every effort to preserve the unity which has the Spirit as its origin and peace as its binding force.