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Canonization of Margaret Mary Healy-Murphy

We are delighted to announce that we have initiated the process for the canonization of our Foundress, Margaret Mary Healy-Murphy (1833-1907).

Click here to learn more about this wonderful event in the history of our Congregation.


We, the Sisters of the Holy Spirit and Mary Immaculate, welcome you to our website! It is our hope that in the cyber-time you spend with us you will taste and see some graces and challenges that the Holy Spirit has placed upon us.

Just as the Spirit hovered over the Pentecost believers, we, too, experience the refreshment and urgency for mission that bathed the early Church.

Sister Ferdinand and student

You will read the story of Margaret Mary Healy Murphy whose openness to God fashioned and continues to invigorate our Congregation. You will meet our sisters as we continue to share God’s lavish compassion with those whose human dignity has been denied.

News & Notes

We invite you to learn about us through our ministries and our stories, and to visit us as we endeavor each day to become the Congregation that Margaret Mary imagined.

Mother Margaret

Our Beginnings

Margaret Mary Healy Murphy, foundress of our Congregation, felt moved by the Holy Spirit  to respond to an urgent social need of our time: the spiritual and educational needs of African American children.

In 1888 she founded Saint Peter Claver Church and school, in San Antonio, Texas. Five years later she founded our congregation to further her dream of justice for all people.

Read more about Margaret Mary Healy Murphy

Our Symbol

crossThe Congregation’s symbol is quite unique. It was designed by our foundress, Mother Margaret Healy Murphy.

The design includes the initials of the Congregation (SHSp), the gifts of Holy Spirit (Wisdom, Intelligence, Strength, Fear of the Lord, Science, Piety, and Advice), the dove as a symbol of the Holy Spirit, and an image of the mother of God, Mary Immaculate.

The Holy Spirit and Mary Immaculate are the patrons of our Congregation.

Motherhouse of the Sisters of the Holy Spirit and Mary Immaculate
Motherhouse of the Sisters of the Holy Spirit and Mary Immaculate

Our Home

Our ministries take us to many places, but our home–our Motherhouse–is located in San Antonio, Texas.

300 Yucca Street
San Antonio, Texas 78203-2399

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